General Team Issues & Questions

- Questions on the bullet points below can be answered by your State Director, please visit your sport section of this website to locate contact information for your specific State Director.
Contact us – State Director
  • Player eligibility/roster rules
  • Rule Interpretations and questions
  • Team name changes
  • Team classifications
  • Team duplicates
  • Team Manager Contact Changes
  • Equipment information
- Questions pertaining to tournaments/events on the bullet points below can be answered by the tournament director. The tournament director contact information is listed with each tournament/event.
Contact us – Tournament Director
  • Team entered in wrong event age group or classification
  • Entry fee questions
  • Entered event by accident
  • Event removal/refund
  • Incorrect results
  • Tournament points

Insurance Questions

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USSSA Baseball

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USSSA Fastpitch

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USSSA Slowpitch

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USSSA Travel

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Space Coast Complex

  • For any information regarding the Space Coast Complex, the Space Coast Complex Pro Shop, concessions and events please contact:

Spring Training

General Information

  • For information not previously listed, please contact: This email address is not for support of issues such as team name, duplicate profiles, etc... If you need assistance with IDs, profiles, teams or any web site issues, please email
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